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Welcome to the Transportation Club of Peoria's Website. We are proud to be one of the OLDEST Transportation Clubs in the U.S. !!  

It is because of you, our members, that the club continues to exist. However, we need all members to support the club by bringing in new members and attending our functions.

Talk to any board member if you are interested in joining or helping at the events !

Contact us @transclubofpeoria@gmail.com for more info !


TCoP history lesson from Elmer Oelkers:
The Transportation Club of Peoria was organized on March 2, 1912 with a membership of 50. It is believed that we were the 7th Traffic Club to organize in the U.S. and we celebrated our Golden Anniversary during the 1961-62 season.
The Club was organized to promote closer relations between the shipping public & transportation interests by personal acquaintance & the friendly discussion of traffic issues.

The Club's charitable work, originally directed at childrens charities, was extended to include the endowment of rooms @ St Francis, Methodist & Proctor Hospital's in Peoria. Recent activities have included a Pancake & Sausage Breakfast fundraiser held @ the Park in support of Crisis Nursery in Peoria.

The TCoP has held  an annual CLAM BAKE since the 1920's with attendance in recent years reaching 700. We have monthly outings starting in May running through October @ our park, Don Terry Pleasant Valley Park, located 1 mile south of Dunlap on Salem School Rd off of Rte 91. The Club has sponsored a Bowling League since 1939 and in recent years added a Golf League.

The Club is rich in history and tradition and has grown from the original 50 members who organized it on March 2, 1912 to about 400 at present. Please check out the Membership page and consider joining our great Club!

CLUB HISTORYThe following is a newspaper article from one of Peoria’s newspapers on July 24, 1912.  The article was taken from a book compiled and written by C. W. Ellinger,  C.A. for the Illinois Central Railroad, and club Secretary-Treasurer 1938-1943 and President of the club in the years 1945-1946.“Transportation Club PicnicTomorrow (Thursday) afternoon occurs the big picnic of the Transportation Club.  This is a new organization of railroad men and shippers formed last fall.  They have given two informal dinners at the Jefferson Hotel and propose to resume them in October.  The picnic is to afford the members, who cannot get away for vacations, a half day off for thorough enjoyment.  This they propose to have to the full tomorrow afternoon, and they do not expect to confine the attendance to members.  Business men generally are invited.  The price of tickets is $1.50 which includes everything, boat ride, supper etc.  Milo Prochaska provides all refreshments.  Boat leaves dock, foot of Fulton Street 1:30 p.m. A large number of non-resident members are coming from Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Kansas City, to attend the Picnic.Tickets can be had at the Creve Coeur Club or of A. S. Howells, the secretary whose present headquarters are at Jacquin & Company.” This was the first out-door event given by the club and was not to be the last.  I will give you details of some of the events in future newsletter this year and next as we approach and celebrate our 100th anniversary.   I am still trying to collect any historical data, pictures and information anyone may have that would be of interest to other club members.  If you do run across some pictures or items of interest, please let me know and we can include them in our collection to be turned over to the Peoria Historical Society.  You can find me at the club at most of our park events or contact me ateoelkers@netzero.netor call me at 309-274-3235Elmer Oelkers

Annual Dinner / Presidents Night Dinner Meeting

Thursday - February 18, 2021 - 6:00 P.M.

Jonah’s Seafood House
2601 N Main Street
East Peoria, IL

For Tickets:
CONTACT Don Timmons @ 
309-274-2017 or

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